3 Gumroad Courses That Will Help You Build a More Profitable Newsletter Business

Grow your subscribers, write content like a pro, and build an automated money-making machine.

Evan Kelly


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Gumroad is one of my favourite platforms as a creator.

If you wanted to bootstrap a business, you could run it completely from Gumroad — all for free.

It allows you to:

  • Host digital files and courses.
  • Accept customer payments.
  • Collect subscribers.
  • Send emails.

The only cost is a 10% fee when you make a sale of your digital products.

If you don’t have a digital product, you can still use the website to collect emails and send a regular newsletter to your subscribers until you get around to building one.

Gumroad also has a library of awesome products from talented creators you can study to learn new skills.

Here are three of my favourites for anyone who wants to start and grow a profitable newsletter business.

Get Your First 1000 Subscribers

How much are 1000 newsletter subscribers worth?

The general rule of thumb is each subscriber is worth $1 per month.

So, in this case, the answer is $1000 per month.

Anecdotally, as someone who has been involved in email marketing since 2007, I can confirm this to be true. You might wind up a little under and a little over some months, but the estimate is pretty darn close.

And that’s why I think fellow newsletter creator Paul Metcalfe is undercharging for this gem of a course.

Paul flat-out gives you 80 different ways to grow your newsletter.

And if you’re a beginner, he even covers the basics like how to create a high-converting landing page.

Everything is stored in a simple notion document so you can duplicate and save it for easy access.

$20 to grow your newsletter and get $1000 back?



Evan Kelly

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