What The Hell Am I Going to Do With All This Free Time?

I guess I’ll just use it to make more money

Evan Kelly
2 min readSep 9, 2021


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Today is the first day of school for my kids.

After a year of lockdowns, homeschooling, and way too much screentime, they’re back in the classroom with their friends.

And now I find myself in a very different routine.

My wife just started a new teaching job…

I’m in a quiet house…

And my dog Ozzy is asleep with his paws in the air.

I’m left wondering what the heck I’m gonna do with the rest of my day until I have to go pick up the kids.

Oh Yeah… I Guess I Can Do Anything I Want

So far, I’m on my second cup of coffee and have already installed a Nest security camera over my garage door for my driveway.

It was an easy install…

But because the cord was super bulky at a USB connection point I had to cut it and splice it back together with some handy dandy electrical work…

(Goodbye Warranty 👋)

I wasn’t about to drill a massive 1.5-inch hole into the side of my house just to fish a 1/4 inch wire inside.

And that got me thinking…

How can a company like Google be so stupid?

It’s an awful design.

Not to mention, the WIFI reception on the camera is so poor that I had to spring for a $40 WIFI extender just to get a signal.

This is Google we’re talking about here!

It ain’t some cheap no-name brand of camera that’s mass-produced, cleverly branded, and dropshipped from a free trial Shopify store someone cobbled together in their spare time.

Surely they could’ve done a little research.

That got me thinking some more…

It doesn’t take much to make an impressive product.

Especially a product that people want.

Creating my own info products, and offering high ticket freelancing services has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

And because I’m scaling my info product and affiliate marketing business, I’m actually doing less client work which is awesome.

That means more time to work out, binge-watch some Netflix, and explore profitable new markets.

How exactly do I do that?

I use this (affiliate link)

It’s the fastest way I have found to validate an idea that will create an entirely new income stream.

And with baby number three on the way.

The more income streams the better.

If you’d like to know exactly how I scale my side hustles to $2000 to $3000K per month in the first 6 months, get this.



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