Why Are So Many People WRONG About Traditional Blogging?!

Yep, it’s still DEAD.

Evan Kelly


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A few months ago, I wrote an incendiary article that proclaimed the death of traditional blogging and the eventual demise of WordPress.

It struck such a nerve, that the comments are still rolling in.

(I won’t even mention the copycat articles it inspired from fledgling young writers eager to piggyback off its success)

While the majority of readers agree with my position, a paltry few naysayers occasionally chime in to defend the near-obsolete blogging platform.

And even though some of them made a few good points, ultimately, they are all still WRONG!

True Freedom Seekers Don’t Care

To be clear, traditional blogging may not be a decaying corpse for people who offer consulting services or market to clients in the corporate world.

But for regular slackers like myself who just want to write, attract an audience, and get paid to share ideas…

It is a 100% unnecessary waste of money and time.

But I get it…

A personal website is something that is EXPECTED if you want to look semi-professional. It’s the way it has always been done, and it’s a “virtual business card” in many industries.

That doesn’t mean it’s necessary.

(You could always… you know… just use LinkedIn)

I built a six-figure copywriting business without ever leveraging a personal website or writing a single blog post.

I cold-emailed clients from a Gmail address, used job boards, and leveraged referrals from my growing network.

I even shared an ugly Google doc full of case studies, customer results, and testimonials to help sell my services.

No fancy website whatsoever.

And that’s an important screw worth twisting…

Is the professional personal brand really the look you’re going for?

Does the idea of wearing a “power suit” in your profile pic, with a shit-eating grin plastered across your face that screams…



Evan Kelly

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